Among the usual headlines that leading newspapers would offer are about the current economic situation and the world order. The struggles for power in both the local and international aspect are what make the world both interesting and pathetic in the eyes of people today.

World Peace

Hunger for power and world domination starting from their homelands can be attributed to the fact that country officials have a high degree of satisfaction with regards to how a country is run, most of which would draw the usual comments and reactions on how to establish better economies and sound social functions.

But the most talked about issue today would have to deal with the constant bickering for the right to power and control. The United States and most of the allied nations of the U.N. would attest to the fact that this is the issue that everyone would want to address and put to rest. While all nations are seen to be at peace, internal shortcomings and ideas are kept in cold storage until the time comes for them to be put into discussion.

It is not feasible to become courageous enough and start a panic when it comes to the overall peace and order of the world and its composing nations. Conservative overviews on how to go about the situation must be exercised if people would want to hold back their plans for the meantime.

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Originally posted on February 19, 2007 @ 10:06 pm

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