People running for political office do not win the trust and vote of people by merely sitting down. The financial aspect and funds are essential requirements for a political candidate to be known and spread anywhere. The battle today is the strategic approach on how to make money, the obvious life stream of US politics to support their move towards successful political campaigns.

Money Lifestream in Politics

It has been proven that the chances of candidates to win elections are obviously relying on funds to support their venture. Such has been proven from past electoral candidates such as George Bush in the 2000 elections where he was able to raise close to $30 million dollars in a single quarter (excerpt taken from The Money Shot).

Gone are the days of medieval means of making candidates known through simple campaign methods. The use of tri-media such as television, radio and print ads obviously need the support of money. Sad to say, this has been the differentiating factor and leverage being used to be ahead of the other packs of running political candidates in the United States today.

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Originally posted on April 1, 2007 @ 9:53 pm

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