Bush on Illegal Immigration
Finding something else that can stir up some noise, it is now the turn of illegally residing individuals in the area of the United States to feel the heat. President Bush has now promised to make better reforms to distinguish the authentic from the illegally residing individuals in the country today.

While there is no threat that can be seen in the form of the fight for terror, it is better safe than to be sorry. Problem is even the people who are just after greener pastures will have to bear the attention and laws that would be passed out from such.

People have viewed this as a means of trying to win back potential votes for President Bush, something that he has been losing lately due to various run-ins with Congress and questionable leading. While such an issue may sound to be interesting, it still isn’t in the area of what he has already done. But basing everything on what he has already done, it looks like Bush still has a lot of catching up to do from hereon.

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Originally posted on April 9, 2007 @ 12:56 am

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