The political bickering continues as the Democrats have given President Bush a deadline to pull out the troops from the war infested country of Iraq. Bush as expected did not think too highly of this move, calling it a delaying tactic to send his requested funding for troops and allowing them to push with their pet spending projects.

Democrats vs. President Bush

It is very obvious that Bush has slowly lost the confidence of his countrymen, taking into account that almost 3,200 troops were killed during the Iraqi War and yet his persistence in sending out troops to make up for the lost headcount. Many fellowmen have viewed this as becoming a personal vendetta for Bush, fronting innocent lives to carry out the mission of overpowering the already decapitated nation.

As it stands, the political circus will continue as debates are being set to tackle the sensitive issue in Iraq. Congress has been supporting Bush on his antics, but the Democrats aim to emphasize more on valuing the sacrifices of US troops rather than focus on power which has been the obvious theme of the whole ordeal from the very start.

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Originally posted on March 25, 2007 @ 1:59 am

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