Introducing Powerful and Reliable Satellite Internet Services from a Leading Operator

Business customers right across Europe and the Mediterranean basin, now have an affordable option for connecting and keeping in touch via the internet. With their high throughput satellite, KA-SAT, customers of Eutelsat can now access the internet from the remotest of locations, and trust in the reliability of their connection. Improved communication and access to data is now available, giving you that all important competitive edge and superior customer experience. This professional satellite internet provider is one of the largest in Europe, and allows a wide range of enterprises to improve their performance, by taking full advantage of market expertise and state of the art technology.

Choose From a Wide Range of Applications

The business satellite solutions available can be used by a wide range of businesses, including media, banking, tourism, automotive, energy and utilities, and public and private safety. The applications available include:


If you have branch locations that are widely dispersed, especially if those locations have limited broadband access, keeping a secure communication link is now possible by using Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite. Regardless of geographical location, your business will have the capability to maintain a fast and safe network for inter branch communication.

Video Surveillance

With a bandwidth of up to 6 Mbps in the uplink, customers can take advantage of the latest technology in video surveillance. Surveillance cameras in the remotest of locations can be run from a centralised location, cost-effectively.


Webmasters, broadcasters and government services can enjoy the freedom to roam, without the worry of being unserved or underserved by terrestrial broadband services. You can even reserve your bandwidth online – perfect for last minute use.

Remote Access

Construction companies, event organisers and public safety organisations are no longer restricted by a lack of terrestrial infrastructure. The KA-SAT satellite allows high throughput connectivity and improved service with internet everywhere.


A continuous and uninterrupted connectivity is vital for modern business, including online mobile banking. Eutelsat offers a resilient, high performance backup service that allows operations to be maintained, without interruption.

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