Save Money and Time – 3 Easy Steps

It’s time to make sure you own your business and that it doesn’t own you. Take back some of the time it demands and save money while you do it. Being a business owner can be fun.

Hire Someone Else

Even though you are a business owner, and most-likely a fantastic one at that, you may not have all the skills necessary to complete every task that your business faces. That’s okay. The quicker you accept that fact, the more time and money your business will save.


Unless yours is an IT company, you may not be completely adept at solving your computer issues. Remember, that’s okay. Not everyone knows everything. Get a professional in there to keep your downtime to a minimum. By trying to fix it yourself, you may actually increase the time the professional needs to fix the issue, and that will end up costing you more.

You need to consider how much time you waste doing menial tasks. Your time is extremely valuable. Would it be a better use of your time to meet with potential clients and write and submit bids for new jobs or to have you answering the phones? Find a company that is able to do the easy stuff for you.

Get Technical

One thing all business must do is manage the money coming into and going out of their accounts. While you might consider outsourcing this duty, most business owners want to see exactly what the bottom line is and how that figure came to be. Technology is the solution to this problem.

There are all kinds of software programs that are available to keep your books. When choosing, make sure you opt for programs that easily work with other applications, such as check writing programs and online banking apps your own bank may have. Then look for ways to streamline. Can your software program help you print checks? If so, you will save a ton of time. If not, you may want a different program.

By ordering your computer checks from an outside company, not necessarily the one you purchased your software from, you will save money. Sometimes the savings are guaranteed, and sometimes the business sets make the purchase very much worth your while. Just make sure you are purchasing checks that will work with your software program.

Take a Break

It seems counterintuitive, but by taking a break, you really can increase your productivity. You may get that inspiration at the strangest time, and usually when you aren’t focusing directly on the issue. Leading corporations are embracing this practice, and your business can benefit from it, whether you are the sole employee or have hundreds of employees.

Originally posted on March 26, 2015 @ 5:42 pm

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