How to Keep A Healthy Work Dynamic in the Office

Office politics and relational issues often control the dynamic of a workplace. If there are strict relational rules in place and those who infract upon the rules get chastised, the drama that tends to flare up in the office can usually be kept to a minimum because people know there will be no tolerance for it. If politics get out of hand and people are allowed to treat one another however they want within a business setting, the dynamic quickly becomes unhealthy and the business as a whole suffers for it.

If you’re an employer and you’re looking for ways to keep a healthy work dynamic in the office, here are some tips for how to do just that:

Encourage a Platonic Atmosphere

The world today is one that is run by sexual tension. It’s natural that people who spend every day together are going to develop feelings for one another, but that’s different than having a work atmosphere that is filled with people who are promiscuous and don’t think there is an issue with coworkers sleeping around casually with one another.

You can’t forbid people from doing what they want to do, because they’ll find a way, so don’t forbid dating in the workplace, just set boundaries that state that there will be no displays of affection within the office. None, whatsoever. When you encourage a platonic atmosphere and keep those rules strict, people will keep their relations outside the office and work will actually get done.

Offer Help For Those Struggling

Some companies are very strict about who they hire and they require routine drug tests to ensure that their employees are going to be able to maintain the dynamic expected in the workplace. Others might not be as strict, but if you want to have a healthy work dynamic, it’s important that you understand addiction, as well as the goals of treatment and how to help somebody from relapsing.

In today’s world, you will be faced with people who are struggling with addiction and as an employer, it’s your duty to help them through in whatever way possible. Maybe that means being in formed, maybe that means keeping connected with a rehab center. Make the decision, but whatever you do, make sure you discourage the use of drugs in your establishment.

Promote Equality

Equality is a hot topic and you as an employer should be doing everything in your power to promote it. Don’t cause yourself grief by giving your men higher wages than women or treating anybody as less than. Lead by example and your employees will follow, and the dynamic of your office will be great.

Originally posted on July 12, 2016 @ 8:20 pm

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