Ways to Get More Out Of Marketing in 2016

Technology changes constantly. Because of this, it’s important that your company’s marketing strategy changes with the times. If you fail to do so, you risk becoming irrelevant. If you’ve tried a lot of different techniques to bring customers to your door to no avail, it may be time that you let the professionals take care of it.

If that’s not something you’re willing to do, you’ll just have to work harder to do learn about what you need to do on your end to get more out of marketing in 2016. If you can take a hint, here are ways to do just that:

Get A Facebook Page

Apparently over a billion people are on Facebook, while only 100 million or so are on Instagram. This shows you that no matter what people say, Facebook is still the king of social media, and you shouldn’t ignore it in regards to using it as a major marketing tool.

Here are details on how to kickstart a page for your business. If you follow the simple directions, you’ll easily be able to reach a broad base of people with the posting of a status or the sharing of a photo. It’s all about connection, so a presence on the world’s leading connection site is a must.

Figure Out How to Incorporate 3D into Your Strategy

Virtual reality is the next big thing in the world. Consumers will eat anything up that allows them to see something in 3D. Whatever your business, if you figure out how to incorporate a 3D experience into your marketing plan, you’ll have people lining up at the door to try your product and you’ll have people raving about you.

If you’re a car company, you might want to do a 3D presentation of the inside of your vehicles, or somebody taking a crazy drive…if you’re selling makeup, create an experience that lets people try out your makeup in a virtual world before they order. If you hop on this trend now, you’ll set the standard for the industry.

Intrigue, Don’t Annoy

People hate ads, and they hate being interrupted when they’re in the middle of something. If you want people to watch your ads and if you don’t want people to be annoyed about your ads, you have to figure out a way to intrigue people with your product. You can’t force feed people product anymore, you have to lead them to choose you. How to do that? Your entrepreneur brain needs to figure it out.

The world loves to buy product, but it has to be something they want to buy. Your job is to show the world your product is what they need. Creating great, envelop pushing products is part of the strategy. If your operation is currently boring, find a way to shake things up. For your own sake.

Originally posted on June 12, 2016 @ 3:09 pm

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