For retail distribution of consumer goods, the Christmas season is one of the busiest seasons most companies look forward to, both in serving and ensuring that the goods are available in the market. Christmas baskets, Christmas giveaways and Christmas support are among the common requests that most stores would solicit from product distributors, giving due focus on issues towards the cliché that Christmas is a time for giving.

Most people would troop the groceries, convenience stores and other placement channels during the Christmas season, either for personal consumption or to act as giveaways as well. While such is a welcome site, for manufacturing and distribution companies like Chin Chin Black Gulaman and Powerbits, Absolute Distilled Drinking water and Fortune Tobacco Corp., marketing and promotional items for giveaways is sure to be the busiest departments in a company for them to be able to satisfy the increased demand at this time of the year. The peak season as it is often known, Christmas is a rewarding part of the year, not only for the company in its sales drive, but towards the consumers as well for their continued endorsement and patronage of the said products.

Such time of the year entails giving out bonuses to the employees that include their 13th month pay and corporate bonuses. But for the company as a whole, the real bonus is really for the increased purchase orders and sales that they accumulate during the year, something that is perhaps not measurable compared to the normal orders that the business has experienced in normal business year.

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Originally posted on November 8, 2006 @ 9:12 pm


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