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Here more bad practices that you should know about and how to avoid them.

Links without meaning
How many blog entries have you read wherein the clickable words do not hold much meaning? What I am pertaining to are those links which say “click here.” True enough, these will still bring the reader to a pertinent link – if you do insert a pertinent link. However, it would be better if you placed the link in content rich words. So for example you are talking about a new product, place the link in the product name.

Domains that present limitations
Of course, a good way to go about business blogging is to use a free blogging platform – am I right? Not really. It is true that you can save money by doing so – it doesn’t cost you a thing. However, it would be better to purchase your own domain. You do have to pay for it but it doesn’t cost that much – less than $10. With your own domain, you have more control over what you can do and you won’t be limited by what free blogging platforms have to offer.

More than this, with your own domain, you can choose the most appropriate URL for your blog. This is quite important as you want your blog to be easily accessible to your readers – both existing and potential. You can choose a domain name that is easily recognizable and can be related to your business without any confusion.

(more to follow)

Originally posted on December 20, 2007 @ 8:58 am

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