One of the hardest things to handle is the various comments, negative implications and rumor mills that stem from people who want to voice out their beliefs about a certain product or service will surely dampen the spirit of any individual. Primary plans, insights, planning and forecasting that were done will now have doubts, something that were not there before.

A large part of these occurrences depend on how people who want to aggressively market a product approach their endeavor. The techniques applied at one point or another will vary, and personality, planning and marketing strategies that they have brainstormed will depend on how they can properly execute such. Some have promising techniques and plans, but in the end, most of them falter because they are not properly executed and implemented, thus providing an overall negative process for the business venture.

These unforeseen factors provide a telling factor most of the time. In most cases, they are the barriers that prevent a product or service from blooming. Relying on rumors and bad track records cannot be discounted, but to stand in the way of potential growth is something that cannot be stopped at one point or another.

Originally posted on July 27, 2006 @ 11:55 pm


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