Last time I discussed why not everyone can make a huge profit through blogging. This time, having supposedly weeded out the wishy washy, I will be focusing on those who CAN making a nice profit through blogging. I have found that the blogs that DO earn money are those of bloggers that are…

  • Great writers – While blogs do not require impeccable grammar and a highly sophisticated writing style you will find that the blogs that DO make money are usually written by people who have a certain way with words. Whatever the blog theme may be, from mommy blogs to tech blogs, the blogger has found a way for their readers to really enjoy what they write and to be reeled into discussions.
  • Web Savvy – No matter how great a writer a blogger might be a blog will not take off if the blogger does not understand the web technologies that will enable to make his blog earn. By web technologies I mean stuff like RSS feeds, blog analytics, SEO, tagging, social bookmarking, monetization schemes like affiliate programs and ads, etc. Basically a blogger should learn how to use the tools available on the internet to his advantage and put them into practice.
  • Updated – These blogger knows the latest things going on in their field. It may be the fact that the iPhone is now really unlocked, or that Google has a hidden flight simulator on Google Earth, or that this and that is the new way to make money online. Whatever the news may be these bloggers are often among the first to blog about it. They are the kind of people that are blurring the line between news sites and blogs and are why people rely on blogs as much as news sites for the news.

to be continued…

Originally posted on September 13, 2007 @ 7:52 pm

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