The Good, The Bad, And The SEO

SEO can be a huge benefit to your business, and it can be used on websites, blogs, and even social media. However, you need to make sure that you are using it the right way. There are both good ways to use SEO and there are bad ways to use SEO.

Even hiring someone else to do your SEO opens you up to the possibility of getting red-flagged by search engines, especially Google. If you, or your SEO company, aren’t using white hat SEO tactics you are risking a penalty, which will make your website look sketchy to visitors.


The Bad SEO

It’s important to avoid bad SEO, and companies that use these tactics. When you are looking into hiring a company to do your SEO don’t be afraid to ask them what they plan to do to move you up the search engines and attract readers. But, before you ask it helps to know what the bad ways to do SEO are.

The bad SEO tactics that people shouldn’t be using anymore include keyword stuffing, doorway pages, and even adding keywords that are unrelated to the rest of the content on the page. Keyword stuffing not only is a no-no to Google, but it also makes your posts make much less sense. Instead, it’s better to include only one keyword per every 100 words.

Doorway pages use that same keyword stuffing, and they are basically just a page of spam key phrases that have the intention of moving people onto a particular page or website. And, obviously, just like you don’t want to overdo keywords, you also want to make sure the ones you do use have something to do with your posts or business.

The Good SEO

While there are many things that come with doing SEO the right way, and the rules can often change, there are some basic things you want to make sure you are doing if you want your SEO to do good things for you. If you hire a company to do your SEO for you, find one with a good track record, and that has experience working with websites and blogs in your particular field.

As mentioned earlier, you can keep keywords down to one per 100 words, but you also want to take some time to research your keywords and find ones that won’t give you a ton of competition and are ones that people are searching for. Just tossing in keywords you like won’t get you very far.

Probably the most important thing to do when it comes to SEO, aside from linking to credible sites, is to make sure that the content you are sharing is well written and researched. In the past it was easy enough to throw together a jumbled mess of words with keywords randomly strewn about, but that will no longer fly in today’s SEO world. Give the readers the great, informational information they want.

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