Perfecting Your Business Website Design

The most important thing to always remember when designing your business website is that it is never truly finished. A website should be an evolving creation, and you should always be working to perfect the design.

There’s no hope for reaching perfection if you cannot nail down the foundational concepts of a successful business website design. Take a moment now to check out a brief overview of some of the most central design elements of a well-oiled business website, and see where you might improve your own design in the future.

Highlight products and services

You should take special care to highlight what your organization creates and how they serve their industry’s community of consumers. Not only should you have your products displayed, you should make sure visitors truly understand what they’re getting.

Take a moment to really look at how this example website has clearly laid out the benefits and uses of their product. Even if you have no idea what Black Powder Filtration is, you will have a basic concept by the time you get to the bottom of this organization’s product page.

Create clear navigation

Navigation is a basic piece of the puzzle that completes your business website. People need the ability to move around the content you provide on your business website.

Traditionally, designers add a stationary navigation bar along the top or side of their layout. Creativity is welcomed, but it is vital that your navigation efforts remain easy to follow. Users shouldn’t have to “figure out” how to move around your website.

Optimize for mobile access

Mobile access to the internet is more prevalent than that of the PC and the laptop. Designers are no longer designing their websites to display on a 17-inch screen. Mobile devices come in all sizes, and most of them are much smaller than the traditional PC screen.

When you design for a 17-inch display, your business website won’t look right on the smaller viewing screen of a mobile device. Mobile users will have to pinch and swipe to see what they’re doing on your website if you don’t work mobile optimization into your design.

Include social media sharing

Linking the content of your business website to the infinite outlet that is social media is pertinent to the success of your design. If your business website isn’t riddled with social media sharing buttons, then you’re missing out on a radical boost in web traffic and visibility.

Become an SEO master

If the concepts of SEO are a foreign subject to you, then you need to invest your time in research. Become an SEO master, and your web content will always find some level of success. Search engine optimization is the foundational key to being seen online.

Originally posted on June 1, 2018 @ 3:32 pm

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