Boo-boo is a word that you don’t normally use in the business setting but for the lack of a better word, why don’t we take a look at some blogging boo-boos that we should all avoid? Whether you are writing for a business blog or a personal blog, these things should – as much as possible – not be present.

Hard to read fonts
This could be in the form of size 8 or 9 fonts. Imagine your readers having to squint when reading your blog posts! If you were the reader, you’d probably leave before you give yourself a migraine from trying to read those small letters. Another form could be light fonts on dark backgrounds. Now this one could be a matter of preference. To be honest, I like dark backgrounds – that’s what I use in my personal blog. However, I have gotten a lot of feedback about how hard it can be to read with such a color scheme. Maybe it’s time to re-examine this?

Making it hard for readers to leave their comments
I understand the need to avoid spam comments. After all, we all hate them! Then again, would you rather put off your readers by making it difficult to leave comments? Perhaps you can use a word verification process instead. Or use plug ins that would filter out the spam.

More on comments – don’t be the spammer!
Most blogs leave the option to subscribe to comments to the reader. Do not be tempted by the idea of automatically subscribing them to your comments. Though it would theoretically give your blog more exposure, you wouldn’t want readers to become irritated at receiving unwanted e-mails.

Originally posted on July 10, 2008 @ 10:13 am

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