vinyl stickersVinyl stickers are just as important to your branding and marketing efforts as business cards, brochures and custom letterheads. This is because stickers are durable, versatile and they let people know about your business.

Some of your loyal customers might even become part of your marketing efforts by placing the stickers on their cars. If you want to improve your business without much effort, then these stickers are perfect.

One of the best things about these stickers is that they are deliciously versatile.
Unlike business cards that can only be used in certain areas, a sticker can be placed on almost anything. It can be placed on a car, binder, CD cover, bottle, packaging and hundreds of other things. You can also get special die-cut stickers with unique shapes to match themes relating to your products and services.

Another benefit is that vinyl is a tough and durable material.

This won’t rip like a common paper stickers. The material will bend and stretch so that the sticker remains intact even if someone tries to rip it. Most marketing materials do not have such a robust benefit. They might be resistant to bending, but they can rarely withstand ripping and tearing since they are printed on paper. The overall lifespan of vinyl is exponentially greater than paper.

Vinyl is also not afraid of moisture! A little bit of water can destroy a business card. These stickers will resist moisture and heavy rains for years. This means that you can effectively market your business outdoors without worry.

Effective Introduction
Many people liken the business card to an introduction since it tells the recipient who you are, what your business does and how to contact you.

Vinyl stickers can play the same role if you properly design them. Just using a powerful design, adding a tagline and inserting your contact information is enough to get people interested in your business.

They will also help your branding. Most people won’t buy from a company until they have seen that company’s marketing several times. Stickers give you the opportunity to acquaint people with your business. Many companies owe a significant amount of their traffic to good stickers.

External Marketers
Getting the customer to work for you is like a dream come true. Not only is that person buying from you, but he or she is conditioning friends and family members to visit your store.

If customers like your business, then they might place these stickers on their cars. This means that the stickers will move around with them, which exposes many people to your business.

This might seem small, but gaining just a small handful of additional customers from this easily pays for the cost of printing.

Perfect for Small Spaces
If you just have a small area to work with, then stickers can be incredibly effective. They are just as colourful and effective as posters and flyers, but they can be used in places where posters would be obtrusive.

For example, some tradeshows might have small booths that aren’t big enough for posters and larger marketing materials.
Placing a few stickers on your booth will give you enough signage to impress customers.

Vinyl stickers are great for your business because they are versatile, colourful, durable and they introduce people to your business.

While some business owners don’t take stickers seriously, a shrewd entrepreneur would take always advantage of a powerful marketing tool which has been proven to increase sales.

Martin Print, a leading printer of vinyl stickers, is dedicated to helping your business grow. Consider adding these stickers to your stable of marketing materials.


Originally posted on April 26, 2013 @ 6:45 pm


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