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If you think you’ve got it made with a product or service you proudly call your own, you’ve got another thing coming.  What makes you think that by doing nothing else, you will get to see customers queuing up for whatever it is that you offer while realizing the hefty profit you’ve been dreaming of?  Once you’ve come down from the dream world to the real world, you can start seriously working for your goal if you even hope to see a part of that dream realized. 

Any business and every business for that matter requires a specific form of advertising appropriate to its nature.  The primary purpose of any advertising effort is to create awareness among customers that such a product or service exists and that it is offered by you.  Advertising is said to have accomplished its purpose when the customer is convinced that he/she needs the product or service and that it should be purchased from you and not from a competitor.

Notice how the effects of advertising always redound to the one making the offer.  This is just to be expected since advertising is being used as a tool to achieve established business goals and objectives.  It is a two-bladed tool, which can provide benefits when used correctly, or bring a company’s downfall when used wrongly.  Although, there is a popular saying in show-business that good news or bad news is still news, such principle may not apply to a product or service that requires the trust and confidence of consumers.

Advertising should not only represent what we hope to be but also who we are in relation to our offered product or service.  Excellent advertising can get a customer’s attention but it cannot assure sustained interest for an inferior product or service.  While it is the job of the marketing specialist to promote a business, owners have the responsibility to provide a product or service of value.  Otherwise, why advertise in the first place?

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