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Businesses rely on communication in many ways. The most important to note is that if you cannot communicate with your customers you are likely to quickly lose them. With so many ways to communicate it seems like this shouldn’t be an issue.

All of the ways to communicate can start to get overwhelming though. You no longer just have to pick of the phone. You can call via a regular landline phone, or numerous other ways. You can email, text, or even chat through social media.

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Here are some ways that businesses communicate and how these forms of communication can help you and your business.


While most people may think of smartphones as just another gaming or entertainment device, business experts know that they are an important communication piece in the business world. If they weren’t important to business there would be lists of the best smartphones for businesses, right?

Smartphones can help small and large businesses stay in contact with co-workers, employees, clients and future clients, not matter where they are at. With a smartphone you are no longer glued to your desk.

Not only are they good for talking, but they open up the lines for texting and for checking emails when on the go. In some cases they are bad because they cause you to be connected to work 24/7.

On The Computer

When it comes to computers and communication a lot has changed over the decades. Where once there were just chat rooms and emails, not you can video chat with your computer.

Tablets, laptops, and smartphones make traveling with your computer that much easier, with ready access to the online world and your emails. This is why so many more people are working from home these days.

Through Social Media

Social media isn’t just a way for families to stay connected. It’s a beneficial resource to businesses that can help you build brand awareness and help you build trust with clients and potential clients.

Since millions of people use social media it makes sense for every business to have a presence online through these hubs. Just make sure that you only use your business pages for business to keep it professional.

Beyond The Landline

Aside from cell phones, there is another new kid in town that is working towards making the landline phone obsolete when it comes to businesses. The VoIP phone system offers so much more than your run of the mill landline phone system.

VoIP offers a build in secretary, you can take it on the go with a simple app, and you can get your phone message anywhere with an internet connection. It’s a must have for businesses that want to succeed.

It’s never too late to upgrade your communications system and start communicating more with your customers. You’ll find that they like it better when you’re easier to get ahold of.

Originally posted on June 23, 2015 @ 8:58 pm

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