Emotional stress stemming from anger and maintaining maximum tolerance is something that people will have a hard time coping up with, and anger management will certainly be put to the test. In most cases, the more experienced veteran managers would know how to handle anger management for this stressful act, knowing that they should not be drawn in this psychological war that most people would love to play. Managers are expected to exercise maximum tolerance, especially in dealing with erring employees who seem to not run out of excuses and complaints even if a company gives them so much. 

Managers are always in the hot seat. They are caught in between the Executive Management and the Employees, hence the communication from one level to another needs to be properly sterilized in order to make both ends meet. Negotiations are part of this and the manager caught in between becomes the mediator or referee in the business organization most of the time.  

For companies that have more than one manager, this can be likened to a jury in court where they shall deliberate and put their heads together to come up with the best solution possible for a win-win situation. This is the stressful part in anger management, for sure, especially the lone managers of today, something will give. Rationality and performing to reason becomes irrelevant at stages where emotions get the better of the people who are trying to crack heads together. The again, it comes with the job, and the extent of measuring anger management in organizations is one of the things to look out for, both for managers and the employees.

Originally posted on July 19, 2006 @ 12:10 am


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