Brand building for products is a key operative as well in the marketing related efforts of a company, especially if creating an image or a lasting impact towards minds of consumers has been listed down in the marketing plan of an organization. Diversification strategies, aggressive promotions and advertising, cost effective pricing strategies and so forth will always be among the usual reasons that can be seen in such plans, but in each of these factors, the establishment of a market that can recall the product through its brand name overall will still be the most efficient way of measuring the market towards the product, especially for markets that have high projections for corporate performance.

Such has been the plan for most companies and among them, the impact of quality made goods such as bottled green tea or naturally made products, have become in demand. However, the brand building for any of these projects has not been built, hence, relegating them as equal to each other. Brand building has often become something that is not given any importance. Reasons are that most people leave the brand building techniques towards the product acceptance as well, but the key areas to which a brand brings are no longer taken into consideration. Often, leading brands such as Nokia, IBM, Microsoft, Honda, Sony, Ford or General Electric, have built their market through years of investment and their continued drive towards improving their product line and services. The result has been customer reliability, something that most people will immediately relate towards varied product lines for each company.

In the same way, quality should be the main focus for consumers, especially for consumables. Immediate definition of what they are supposed to look for in a product, like perhaps only pure refreshment or actual health benefits are always put into order. Price also has its power over consumers, and in such cases where brand building has not been a significant factor in most cases, price can help drive brand building and awareness and claim market leadership for a time being until valid proof of marketing misdemeanor has been proven.

Such has been the case especially for the local resort of leading local factories in the Philippines such as Universal Robina Corporation for their “acclaimed� health drink C2 and other upcoming products by other retail companies as Zest-o for The One. Imported goods bring quality, a valid excuse for its prices that are high, but as far as authenticity for goods, not to create a big fuss about artificially made beverage products, but the consumer education on these products needs a lot to improve on, if only to determine that such local manufacturers are really ripping off people for quality goods.

 Brand Names and Brand Building

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