Best Dressed ExecutiveWe all admire people who report for work and dress in their custom tailored suits, that eye catching necktie and that executive type wardrobe or dress. These are semblance of how a workplace would look, especially large scale organizations that put emphasis on professionalism and people representation. A company’s projection will always be seen in the people that represent them. Perhaps this is the reason why most people are found looking for well designed suits and ideal business paraphernalia, to project the image of professionalism that most employees and top executives want to show off.


Proper grooming and appearance are a given for employees as usually emphasized in the company employee handbook given to them. Being in a workplace alone needs that professional atmosphere to project the proper business paraphernalia and operations that most goal-oriented companies look forward to. Add to this the fact that people also face suppliers, customers and potential business partners, the image of each employee a need, especially for high profile companies that are looked upon as professional and idealistic.


The type of attire will of course depend on the line of business. Office work and services would usually follow the formal attire, but the dress code will depend on the rank of employees, usually prescribed in the employee handbooks. Such professions that include doctors, lawyers, and political positions all have their own defined uniforms and it does not take a person much effort to find out what these are. As most people know, in order for a person to feel good is to look good. This is the same motto that companies implement, since it is for their mutual benefit as to the people who stay upfront and face their target market of customers.  

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Originally posted on September 10, 2006 @ 11:04 pm


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