For the average employee, the ideal dream is to be able to supervise or manage a department or group of people that can operate and produce according to the corporate expectations for that department. Departments that include Accounting or Finance, Administration, Logistics, Sales and Marketing, Management Information Systems and Business and Research Development sections in a company each have a vital role in making an entire organization function like a well-oiled machine. The necessary background and proper working experience to ensure such ideal functions are only some points that enable a company to gain high expectations from such departmental groups.


Trading Company SymbolFor small scale companies that are usually indulged in such ventures as trading or personnel recruitment, hiring one overall manager to oversee everything is what we would usually find. While this is understandable for the mere fact that cost is something that raises eyebrows of most people, the level of achievement is far from what is usually expected in large scale organizations. The best term to call it is multitasking, something that any employee is totally aware of today. While most people who take on the challenge would ideally try their best, the output is not what management expects, and the loser after the smoke has cleared will be the person to take on such goals all by himself. Management teams would not care about such excuses, and all they are after is value for their money, despite unfair compensations due to the people who devote their time just to meet such demands.


General ManagementThe achievement rate is usually lower that the expected rate of success in such setups. No matter how well-educated most people are, strategic management in such scenarios does not include emphasizing the load on one person. Two heads are better than one, and in cases of corporations that are setting their goals towards the direction of such corporate giants that include Microsoft, Coca Cola, San Miguel, Ford, and Honda, they should realize that one man or woman cannot do it alone. While some people are aware of this, they are just too stubborn to admit that perhaps they are only after profit, and should the person make things happen, their level of satisfaction has already reached their dream, but lest they forget, reality is, time is also an investment and same with the people who are being entrusted to do so.

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