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Leave your blog to fend for itself.
Just write a couple of “awesome” posts. Present the company, the business, and its products. Maybe share a few juicy secrets or tips about your services and then leave it at that. Having several excellent and informative posts will be enough to keep your readers updated on what your company is all about. Your posts are just so great that you do not really need to post new entries from time to time.

Don’t use pictures.
They just clutter up the blog. This is business, anyway. Who said that businesses had to cater to the visual pleasure of their clients? All you need is content and that is the end of the discussion.

Don’t mind the comments.
Who cares about what other people have to say? You just wanted to establish your presence online anyway, didn’t you? Who said that you have to interact with the rest of the world through your blog? Just as long as you have had your say, you should be content.

Ads are the best thing in the world.
You can never have enough of these. Just post them all over your blog and give your readers the pleasure of enjoying them before they find your post. Just imagine the sense of achievement that they will feel once they have waded through the plethora of ads and finally find your post!

Play it safe – all the time.
You don’t want to offend anyone. You’d be better off just riding the fence on issues. That way, you can get a wider audience. Pleasing all the people on earth is easy – just don’t take sides. Plus, you wouldn’t want anyone to disagree with you and find yourself discussing ideas with others.

Originally posted on October 29, 2007 @ 3:30 pm

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