Blog Networks have become popular for a good reason. By collaborating with other bloggers, either as independent bloggers or as company bloggers, blog syndication becomes a lot easier giving you a wider readership as well as more incoming links.

Joining blog networks is not always easy though since many of the bigger and more established networks do not just let anyone join with new bloggers’ only able to jump in on the band wagon after being invited by a member blogger. There are even blog networks that do not allow new bloggers to join at all and simply encourage participation from non-member bloggers in the comment section. Although networks like this won’t give you much exposure in terms of writing by commenting regularly on such blog networks you can hope to gain much too since other readers will probably check your blog out. Despite the difficulty in joining the more established blog networks there is really no dearth of networks to join since there are plenty of newer ones that are looking for new bloggers to join them. However, when signing up to join newer blog networks make sure that they satisfy the following criteria:

  1. They are composed of reputable bloggers – You do not want to be associated to spammy, low quality bloggers.
  2. The network generates a healthy amount of traffic – Otherwise the network (hence you) won’t really make any money.
  3. The payment model used makes sense – The network might make money but will you be properly compensated for it?
  4. Their reputation regarding payouts is good – Will the money reflected on your account actually reach you?
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2 thoughts on “Blog Networks: More Bloggers = More Income

  1. Sorry, you equation is flawed.
    Blog Networks: Bigger Blogs = More Income.

    From my experience for a blog network, having lesser number of bloggers who know their stuff is always better than having more bloggers who don`t.

    Kickstarting a new blog from grounds up is getting more difficult now days in most of the niches. An established blog network can always catalyzes this gestation period, but still for a new blogger things are not as easy as it used to be one or two years back.

  2. Hi Ankit it is true that blogger who know their stuff is the way to go. But more bloggers who know their stuff is even better. As you can see on my post I mentioned that the blog network you choose to join should have reputable (meaning good and knowledgeable) bloggers. I do agree with the rest of you comment though. It really IS much harder these days.

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