Relying solely on current product lines may not immediately reap the necessary profit margin that most people would look for today. While it is true that current rosters in the product lines need to be fully saturated and enhanced in the market today, the question remains, what is next?

Biscuits and Crispy RollsThis is perhaps a question that most people would surely expect at some point in time. For example, while the Chin Chin Black Gulaman has not really dominated the market despite minimal threats coming from its closest rival in Joy Black Gulaman which only lasts 7 days, the whole ordeal has been left towards the product making a name for it. Chin Chin Black Gulaman has without a doubt already set a name for it, but unfortunately the problem lies on the proper product tutorial with regards to knowing what Black Gulaman really is. Ideally an oriental drink that complements meals in most restaurants locally in the Philippines, informing the people of its concept and allowing them to bring home the said product in a masterfully designed bottle is the only lacking need to really lift the product to new heights. Placement in the market is surely saturated and it all lies on how people will try and endorse the said product to make the black gulaman business rise to new heights today.

The next step is to shift to a new product line, perhaps to snacks or candies. There is one product that really caught my fancy, and this is the tongue spray candy. Having focused on the adult beverage business, it is about time to heed the call for unique concepts aimed at the younger population. Biscuits, crackers and chocolate rolls in uniquely conceptualized packages are sure to be the next boom. To date, the final decision making process is in the works, but from all indications, this will be a follow-up to the already unique concept that Black Gulaman has started 2 years ago in the Philippines.

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Originally posted on November 12, 2006 @ 7:54 am


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