elevatedmanWe’re in the middle of the first work week of 2010. How are things going at the office? I sure hope that your year is off to a good – no, great – start. If it is not that great, here are some things that you can do NOW. It is not too late anyway.

Take a look at your personal expenses. What does this have to do with your business? While things just might turn out to be much better in 2010, a lot of small business owners are saying that they are taking home less and less money from the business. Of course, being the owner, you have more to lose. As early as now, see what you can cut back on personally, just in case you won’t be able take home as much money as you want.

Prepare for tax time NOW. It’s still several months away, but you know just how hectic the tax period is. This can take your time and focus away from running the business efficiently. As such, do your preparations as early as you can, in increments. This will help you keep focused on the more essential things.

Don’t borrow too much. Common sense, really, but this year, resolve to depend on yourself as much as you can. You might have to dip into your savings, but that is better than owing other people money and having to pay interest on it.

Stay healthy. You are the boss. You make decisions. You run the business. If you get sick, your business will suffer, and you will spend more on medical expenses.

Originally posted on January 6, 2010 @ 10:03 am

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