youtube_logoMany companies I know have banned YouTube. It not only eats up the bandwidth at work but also takes up the time of employees who should otherwise be working. While this is very reasonable, we should not really discount the good points of this site. In fact, more than the funny videos, we can also find good insights from YouTube.

Take for example this series of videos that are geared toward the business sector. In this series, Sir Martin Sorrell, along with many other business experts, shares tips to beat the recession. Dubbed Survival of the Fastest, the series features different authorities on various business topics. It is backed by reputable names such as Google (being the parent company of YouTube), The Daily Telegraph, and The London Business School.

There are currently 73 episodes in the series, all of them uploaded onto the site already. My suggestion is that instead of going through comic videos and other things most of the time, why not try viewing this series? You just might get something out of the videos.

Here’s a sneak peek from Lord Davies, the minister for Trade and Investment:

“What you have to make sure is that the culture of your company, whether it be a small company or a very large company, that you as the leaders, you as the owners and that you as members of staff, that you are encouraging creativity.”

There is more to be found in this series. What are you waiting for?

Originally posted on May 17, 2009 @ 8:25 am


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