First There Is a Claim, Then There Is a Dispute

Out in the world, you can make a lot of claims. Some of them are verbal. Others have to do with more official business. And whenever there are legal matters concerning a request, there is always the opportunity for dispute. And because most instances of a claim mean that one person is losing and one person is gaining, that dispute tends to be more of a universal feature.

There are all sorts of chances for you to look at illustrations of this fact. For example, if you want Worker’s Compensation, you may have to work against the dispute of your employer. Or, if you’re going to get unemployed, you may have to push back against the last people that you’ve done business with. And finally, if you believe you have a valid insurance claim, rest assured your insurance company will fight you because they don’t want to give you any more money than they have to.

Worker’s Compensation

One of the more common claims and disputes that come in conjunction is when it comes to workers’ compensation claims. Even if an injury definitely occurred, there are still many instances when employers dispute the claims. It has to do with insurance reasons, and one thing that employers absolutely don’t want is an employee making a false claim, or a claim that is not directly related to wrongdoing or negligence on the part of the employer.

Unemployment Claims

There are a lot of claims and disputes when it comes to unemployment as well. A classic example would be after someone has been getting unemployed for a while, if there is an instance where they got income but did not claim it, federal agencies will take away all of the unemployment money that they’ve given you so far. This kind of dispute is automatic, and it can be life-altering. That’s why it’s so essential to understand unemployment benefits right when you get on them.

Insurance Claims

If you have insurance of any kind, rest assured that when you try to make a claim, your insurance company is going to fight back. Their entire function is to make money. If you have home insurance, and something happens to your home, don’t be surprised when they dispute your insurance claim because some part of your contract exempts them from whatever specifically occurred. 

These kinds of details are vitally important for you to understand as an insurance purchaser, so the fine print is crucial. Insurance claims can take a long time to work their way through the system, so you have to learn how to be patient. Whoever has the most patience between the person making a claim and the company making the dispute will win out in the end.

Originally posted on September 9, 2021 @ 8:33 pm


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