Bill and Hilary Clinton
Win or lose, wife of former president Bill Clinton, Hilary has no regrets of going back to her senatorial position. The bottom-line is that she is happy with either situation and there is no other vested interest intended for her moves as far as her career is concerned.

“You know she’s not — some people who run for president can’t wait to get out of the Senate, or out of whatever other job she’s got. She loves it. She’s still doing it. She’s still going to her committee meetings, going to upstate New York and trying to run for president as well,” Clinton told CNN’s Larry King. “So, for her personally she’s going to be fine regardless. I think it’d be best for the country if she were elected president, but if voters make another choice, she’s a great senator, and she loves her job, and we’ll have a great life.” – President Clinton: Wife will be ‘fine’ if she loses

This disclosure made by former president Bill Clinton to CNN’s Larry Brown with regards to the status of her wife. While he is open to helping her wife in any way, the fact remains that he will be by her side no matter what happens.

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Originally posted on April 19, 2007 @ 11:01 pm

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