Don’t overlook the importance of PR
According to the Business Week article, PR is a large part of blogging. This, I think is one of the strongest points of blogging. It provides an easy and convenient way of communicating with your clients. They can leave comments without going through the normal channels of communications (e-mail, phone calls, snail mail, etc.). Your part is to address these comments as fast as you can and as effectively as you can. The idea is to deal with the comments in real time without neglecting any of them. If you decide to forget all about the interaction between you and your customers through your blog, then you might as well forget about corporate blogging. Not only will you be wasting a very good feature that blogging is offering you but you will also risk negative publicity.

More importantly, place high value on full disclosure
Don’t try to hide your intentions when you do your marketing through blogging. More likely than not, you will end being found out and everything will blow up in your face. If you want to pay bloggers to create buzz for you, then do not hide the fact. Who is to say that your strategy is faulty anyway? As long as you do not try to dupe people and your intentions are made clear, you’ll be alright.

Originally posted on June 29, 2008 @ 12:56 pm

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