4 Ways to Get Customers Through the Door with Landscaping

When it comes to making the profit you want, your success will largely depend on how many customers you can get through the door. There are a number of things that may attract people to your store, and one of these is landscaping. A professional business should look like one with a well-manicured lawn. By knowing some helpful tips that can improve this critical space, you just wind up with more customers.

landscaped garden

Tip #1: Add Natural Stone

Integrating a natural stone, such as granite, is sure to appeal to those who pass by your business. Consider designing a walkway, crafted with nice stone, that leads from the parking lot to the entrance of your company. This could serve two important purposes for your business. First, it can keep people from trampling your grass, and second, it will add a unique aspect of beauty to your outdoor space.

Tip #2: Choose a Water Fountain

Selecting the right decor for the outside of your business is important. One way to optimize this area is to create a water fountain at the front of your store. This is a beautiful feature that will catch the eye of many passing by.

There are a variety of fountains to choose from, from small features to large pieces. Be sure to consider the amount of maintenance required to keep this item looking and performing at it’s best before you make any final decisions.

Tip #3: Create Flower Beds

Incorporating color is always a great way to turn heads in your direction. Bold and bright colors are ideal for the spring and summer months, and there are a variety of color options and flowers to choose from.

Put together a combination of begonias, petunias and greenery for an instant display of beauty that your customers won’t be able to ignore.

Tip #4: Plant Blooming Trees

What better way to get attention than planting a large dogwood in the front of your office building? These come in pink and white colors, and during the spring months can offer a wealth of blooms.

The lighter colors coupled with the size of a dogwood tree may help to put some pep in your customers’ steps! Making the right selections can turn a drab business lawn into a fabulous one. Simply take the time and be creative to help you make the right choices.

Originally posted on March 12, 2015 @ 8:28 pm

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