3 Ways To Dress For Success

What did you imagine yourself wearing to work when you grew up? There are probably a lot of firefighter, doctor, and superhero uniforms in those answers. You are now grown and have probably figured out that we don’t always get what we want in life.

However, we can definitely choose to bloom where we are planted and one of the ways we can do that is to make sure that we look the part and look good doing it. No matter what your job requires you to wear, you can make yourself the best looking employee on staff. Here’s how.

Extinguish The Stench

Have you ever come into work and noticed a lingering smell of three day old onions? Do you have that co-worker that you can smell coming a mile away because they bathed in their perfume or cologne? The workplace is not the place to choose to go o’naturale or to pick a mate in the animal kingdom by bathing in Axe pheromones.

One of the easiest ways to dress for success is to bathe regularly, brush your teeth, and cut back on the body spray, please! There is nothing more disconcerting than dreading running into certain colleagues because they stink. There is also nothing wrong with asking for help in these areas, if you need it. Ask away. Your co-workers and boss will love you for it.

Keep Your Duds Looking Pristine

Unless you are an auto mechanic, painter, construction worker, or something in that vicinity, it’s a good idea to make sure that your clothes are properly taken care of. Again, smelling like a sewer is not a good way to reach the top of your career ladder, unless of course, you work in the sewers. Wash your clothes.

Most dryers now have a wrinkle free cycle, so, ironing has been all but done away with. However, if you don’t have any other choice, take enough pride in how you look to take out that dated ironing board and go to town getting rid of the wrinkles.

There are also times when our clothing or uniforms have become out of date, tattered, or just plain worn out. Use it as an excuse to go shopping. It’s a good idea to replace old clothes and update your wardrobe when dressing for your job.

Watch That Gig Line

This is a term that all the military folk will understand. The gig line is the alignment of the buttons in your shirt to the zipper in your pants. Now, most places don’t require that kind of perfection in the way you dress, but there are a few things that you can do to touch up your look and present yourself in the most professional way possible.

First, tuck in your shirt. Whether you are working at a fast food venue or vice-president of a major company, unless you are wearing a women’s blouse, tuck it in. Second, watch for foreign invaders. What do we mean by that?

Things like socks that have used the force of static cling to follow you to work or the piece of toilet tissue that fell in love with the bottom of your shoe come to mind. Lastly, make sure all the finishing touches fit the outfit. This goes for jewelry, neck ties, and shoes.

In the end, if you follow these tips, you’ll find that you develop a reputation of someone who means business. For your employer, it will mean good business and that will translate to your inevitable success.

Originally posted on October 16, 2017 @ 5:20 pm

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