The Philippines is truly rich and talented with regards to Filipinos who have the unique talent and skills that most countries would die to have. It is very common to this day that graduates and successful career enhanced individuals would go for work abroad rather than staying here to get their feet of the ground. After some time, it is quite funny how local companies and people would look for them and finally realize what a Filipino can truly do.

This is really more focused on local newspapers and magazines who still follow the old recruitment ways of filling up their personnel requirements. Writing for example will not be entertained if they do not have degrees in Journalism or Education. These requirements are truly something that most companies use as their basis for selecting people rather than the actual work output that most people would have. It did not even occur to them that talented writers and composers may have opted to choose another course in college or MBA but really have to natural capabilities of becoming good writers today. Writing may be a past time for them, and being good with a bunch of words and writing unique content as based on opinions and supported by minimal research, most writers originate and grow from such tactics. Truth of the matter is, a lot of Filipinos can be traced working online abroad, doing article writing work, blogs, and unique compositions, each earning in foreign currency rather than to the peso value which is surely low and unacceptable.

Just a few months ago, people were asking me why I chose to write for the foreign countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. My straight answer was that these companies appreciate and provide better opportunities rather than the local newspapers that include Inquirer and Manila Bulletin. Locally, they still follow the old schematics of hiring personnel so is it surprising why most writers would rather bring their gear and serve other countries as well?

It is only typical and natural for home based organizations to overlook people. They are still stuck in the ancient realms of tradition to which has contributed into holding back evolution of the country in all aspects of development. People are getting wiser nowadays and following the lead of old fuddy duddies is something that will also hinder career growth as well. Why write for companies that opt to recruit well-known personalities for the sake of marketing their publications over unique and quality writers that offer a lot of things in their minds? It is purely becoming a marketing effort to promote the name of publications rather than what they really contain. To cut a long story short, the important thing of gaining impact towards the consumers as far as seeing and reading what can easily be understood rather than sticking to traditional ways of management and writing.

My parting message? Just don’t be surprised why one day you will run out of good writers who would want to work and contribute to you…they may have grown out of their shell already and may be building on personal branding and career development, something that takes ages for local bred talent to realize that opportunity knocks and the doors and minds need to be opened.

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Originally posted on November 6, 2006 @ 7:40 am

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