Is it possible for a person to hold two jobs at once? Well, technically, it would really depend on the job like:
1. Nature of the Job/s
2. Handling Effective Time Management
3. Ability to handle pressure and stress

Basically, this is not an easy task. Time will definitely eat up your time. Being burned out is a certainty and unless a person is really after maximizing his time for one reason or another, such is really draining. Further, the efficiency and effectiveness of a person in his field will suffer a major blow, and in the end, both the company and the employee will end up under achieving.

Money is usually the ultimate reason for undertaking such, but given the situation, it will only be a matter of time, and from all indications, such a setup can only be for a certain period of time.

Many would disagree but this is reality. Time management alone is not joke. Corporations will always want to get their money’s worth and such a scenario is not feasible. Unless of course the setup is a part time setup, then this can possibly be achieved. However, pressure is another thing up for consideration in such a scenario and coping up with it will truly be something variable once the need arises.

Originally posted on April 6, 2006 @ 8:58 am


One thought on “Two Jobs? One Body!

  1. I agree completely. This is one of those changes that look great in budgets but make productivity drop. If you assign too much to one person, they will eventually just underperform and accomplish nothing.

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