Strategic Management includes proper planning and guidelines prior to execution. This is perhaps something that most people will have little patience for, especially for people who always want to get immediate results. Pressure and time are some of the key attributes that most big bosses emphasize on, all the more opening the possibility of errors and fallbacks along the way. These fallbacks of course are in no way acceptable, especially for high salaried managers who are expected to head all these business related functions.

Mixing all of these together, operations management, marketing management, financial management and personnel management is not an easy task. Yes it is true that managing all of these would be impressive credentials to anyone, but the responsibility is also great. Mixing them all together for profitable and effective operations is something that is more sensitive and one foul up would prove to be costly.

Working well under pressure, mapping out and properly executing these theories into one well-oiled working machine is definitely a task for the people with high tolerance for pressure. Without such, may as well leave the task for someone who can handle them positively and still project a confident working impression towards management and the public as well.

Originally posted on April 4, 2006 @ 10:49 pm


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