I had the chance to bump into one of the family members of the tycoon owned businesses I was working for, and he casually asked me how the company I was handling was doing. I simply replied with a quick answer — TOUGH!

Hired only to help in the marketing strategies, I find myself handling the operations and the overall sales to help improve its past performance. Mind you the road ahead is not easy as it may seem. For one, I am supposed to handle only marketing, but with bounds and due consideration towards pricing schemes and discounts. While I found myself studying and eventually following the pricing schemes of the former person who has moved on to handling the accounting of the company only, I am still unable to move forward with plans of pushing the product since being Chinese owned, I have to abide with what they want, and that is to simply earn a profit immediately without spending expenses on advertising, promotions and special affiliations.

It is really frustrating when you have big dreams on this and people would simply stop you on your feet. The bottled green tea beverage business is truly congested today and with their belief of needing to satisfy their profit making dreams the immediate priority, it is all rough and tumble from here. This is a clear example of how corporate culture and practices will truly affect a company’s stature, and sadly I am caught between all of it.

Originally posted on April 8, 2006 @ 7:55 am

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