Choosing calling cards may seem like a very simple task to do however, there are still common mistakes that individuals can try to avoid. Although phone cards do not necessarily cost millions, the expense is still money off your budget. Avoiding these pitfalls in choosing phone cards would still be helpful for your financial goals.

Neglecting Maintenance Fees. Not all calling cards charge maintenance fees. Make sure you inquire first before buying a phone card. Maintenance fees are usually charged weekly or monthly as long as there is remaining balance in the phone card. Your load balance would still be deducted with the maintenance fee, thus, shortening your available calling time and reducing the worth of your money.

Making Rates as the Only Criteria for Buying a Phone Card. It doesn’t mean that a phone card has the lowest rate then that phone card automatically becomes the best choice. Actually, the affordability of the rates is just one factor and is not the only factor.

Missing Out the Validity Period. If your phone card still has remaining balance when it expires, you still cannot use it. Make sure you remember the expiration period of your phone card and consume your load balance or available calling time before your card expires.

Forgetting about Customer Service. Always make sure that the phone card indicates a hotline or customer service number you can contact if you have some problems with your card. Toll-free hotlines are much better.

Originally posted on February 13, 2011 @ 11:14 am

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