Office politics is always a common thing to be found in workplaces. Trying to position ones self to be close to the top honchos of management or just do as they please, be at their mercy and ensure that they are given the utmost importance above everything else is a common site to see. Pathetic or not, it is reality and will continue to be existent in most organizations.

Just how does one deal with them. Honestly, it takes a lot of guts and patience to be able to control ones self from being drawn into them. Staying away, keeping a low profile and doing routine work are some of the better ways to avoid such conflicts which if allowed to elevate, will surely be something that could force the normal employee to quit and look for another place to work.

It takes a person some guts to be able to survive such problems. Overall, for people who simply want to gain experience and earn a simple living, keeping a simple profile or simply being one of the gang is the safest way out of office political issues.

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