To negotiate for a better package with higher authority in management will take a lot of guts! While people can use their length of stay, quality of output and their job knowledge as their main assets, they need to also take into consideration the overall performance of the company as well. There is no question that while people do their part and work as hard as they can, the absence of a total team effort to help improve a company’s performance and stature.

This becomes a dilemma for the company. It is no secret that some organizations lose employees due to their inability to offer better compensation packages. Sometimes this becomes beyond their control. Considering that budgetary constraints, and limitations since proper allocation of funds towards needed departments of the organization must be provided as well, this becomes out of hand at times and out of the power of managers.

The usual expected output would be for them to either stick it out or consider transferring to another organization. While some organizations would want to keep these people in tow, these restrictions prevent them from doing so, losing quality people, which would eventually leave a large gap in the entire system of the organization.

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Originally posted on May 9, 2006 @ 11:20 pm


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