Business ConceptualizationToday, most people are required to submit to most organizations their perceived business plan, the business concept of which will be up for study prior to approval of business permits and permissions. Especially in malls and commercial establishment leasing, approving the request for leasing a space is not solely a matter of financial capacity but its blend with the other existing business stalls that are currently on hand. Of course, the primary concern of the leasing body is to ensure that all stalls complete the necessary businesses that are existent, and of course the complementary factor to which consumers will have a variety of shops to choose from, whether retail or service are on hand. 

Business IdeasUnlike the early days when most commercial zones would be open and offer their allocated spaces to practically anyone who could afford their for lease or rental spaces, the selection process today is quite different and more in depth. The marketing plan, a key component in the entire business plan, is something that they consider prior to granting leasing opportunities for efficient businesses. It is no longer a matter of money, but rather a matter of assembling and figuring out an attractive zone that most consumers would visit at every moment they can possibly can.

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Originally posted on September 30, 2006 @ 8:11 am


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