Majority of college graduates would not land the job that actually fits their attained degree. With most companies today offering varied positions but needing to undergo the proper selection process, chances are that most candidates for a particular job would end up being whittled down to a chosen few, relying on their credentials such as actual grades, prior work experiences and references who can make a difference with regards to authenticating claims and reliability of applicants today.

Each of the aforementioned categories can make or break the dream of any career person. Any organization will surely look into each closely to narrow down their choices as to who the right person is fit for the opening. The process is crucial. For most organizations, hiring people who may not possess the proper expectations will be a very big setback, somehow being likened to losses since productivity will surely be hampered. While any company can train and groom hired applicants for a position, the matter of time is like admitting losses as well. Any company will go at anything to acquire qualified personnel. But of course, people with the better and ideal credentials will command a higher price for their services, something that is just due for them considering their own investment for their career development and enhancement will be of special use towards any organization leaning on labor and manpower for the needed push towards corporate excellence.  

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Originally posted on October 1, 2006 @ 8:09 am


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