One of the most obvious roads towards success and advancement in the career ladder is how a person enjoys the actual job and the different undertakings he is able to undertake to be able to expand his knowledge and use them to be beneficial towards a company.

Leaning on stock knowledge alone is not enough for people who are not content on where they are at the moment. To advance, the will, ambition and the vision to improve current systems, workflows and work relationships are all key factors in making such job responsibilities meaningful and important. This is something that most employees do not realize, their importance and the level to which their contributions are most needed. While this should not be used as leverage against a company, they should also realize that organizations would not hesitate to re-invest in new faces to fill the position, especially jobs that require expertise that can easily be studied given a couple of months to do so.

Here are some Job Advancement Strategies to ponder on.

Originally posted on April 28, 2006 @ 11:27 pm


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