To create an impression as far as showcasing the different qualification and experiences that an individual may have is something that most job seekers and ambitious career advancing yuppies will always gun for. The search for the ideal resume or bio-data to submit to employers and head hunters are varied, and honestly there is no such thing as the perfectly formatted resume. But one good tip, do not submit an essay of your qualifications and stick to eye-catching achievements, distinctive qualifications and unique work experience.

Employers will not waste time reading the entire resume.

They are after the experience and actual skills a person has. Once they get a hold of the resume, it is almost a given that they will immediately look for the summary of skills that an applicant has, and if he or she is a fit to the opening that is being filled up. The level of education is another thing, and for people who have earned their spot in being considered among the top positions, like a DBA or MBA degree will be more than enough to catch their interest.

Unnecessary add-ins like minor citations from previous employers that do not have a bearing on the work at hand, or maybe even heading sports heads during their college days, are some of the things that make a resume long. As much as possible, limit the number of words or content that a resume will have, clearly formatting and wording ones self, considering the resume, a piece of paper that assists in marketing himself towards the company that he is geared on joining.

Here is a good site to check out on how to prepare a Good Resume.

Originally posted on April 20, 2006 @ 8:42 am


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