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If there is one success story that a small business should look up to, it would be Google. This once small start up is now one of the biggest companies in the world. Individuals from all parts of the earth crave to be part of Google. So how does blogging figure in in all this?

Google has its own blog network – official blog network, that is. Their blogs have made the way to success and the maintenance of this success much easier, I would say. Other businesses – small, medium, or large – would do well to take a look at how Google operates its blogs and learn from them.

One of the things that Google is most known for is the image of being loose, easy, and relaxed. Yet despite this image, they actually have some very conservative ideas when it comes to their blogs. One of their strongest protocols in regard to their blogs is that all blogs are overseen and monitored. According to Karen Wickre (“Mother of Google’s Blogs):

While it’s important to have a review, I never want to overwrite what a Googler is saying about their topic or product. All posts are reviewed by a few relevant people on the immediate team, plus a PR person for approval. As a rule, this isn’t labor-intensive or overbearing. We try to encourage original perspectives and stories insofar as company blogs can feature those. We share drafts in Google Docs and do edits there. Again, I try hard not to overwrite or have the team wordsmith to death. That’s not going to get us interesting reads.

I believe they have struck a balance between monitoring and freedom of speech, which is what you also have to do with your own blogs if you want to protect the company and encourage ideas as well.

(to be continued)

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Originally posted on October 25, 2007 @ 10:31 am

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