For service establishments, the emphasis is to carry out the preferred service at the earliest possible time while also retaining the level of quality to which is expected by the endorsing customer. Mixing both in the proper component is what most service rendering staff should be aware of, to ensure that areas for possible complaints and negative feedback will not be encountered. It is almost certain that most service rendering establishments that include McDonalds, Jollibee, Wendy’s and Burger King put emphasis on such concerns and live up to its name as leading brands in the fastfood chain industry.

Ever since the inception of the fastfood mania before, the objective was time to deliver a packaged good or meal towards on the go customers who do not have the luxury of time on their side. Quick and complete meals have been the solution for people who always lean on proper budget allocation of time to coincide with their busy schedules. Hence, waiting or queuing lines are normal to be seen in such establishments which also have a psychology aspect in marketing areas. For example, a customer would foresee an establishment that has long waiting line for service as a hot commodity and is preferred by most consumers while no customer lines would mean a bad service. Either way, it is the duty of the store manager to be able to properly assess on whether the right amount of customers in queue can portray a positive and favorable impact towards customers who pass by outside their establishments.

People hate waiting hence the need for solutions to appease their discomfort for such. The need for a systematic manner of handling queuing lines has reached as far as hospitals and banks to this date. With the proper reference on possible solutions from qualitative and quantitative management solutions can really help most people in this dilemma. For sure, much of the tactics done today can be traced towards them. Among the known methods used today that have become famous are the Just-in-Time (JIT), Process Flow Improvement, Service Scheduling, Batch Process and Flowcharts that are key elements in helping business decision making.

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