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Merchandising, or as I like to call it – good old sales, is another way you can earn a few extra dollars. The funny thing is that while many blogs arise to promote their businesses having a really popular blog can lead to a new business. Yes, here’s where the fun begins now we talk about not just business blogs but blogging businesses.

If you are thinking of selling items on your blog though be warned that this money making method will only work if your blog is: 1) already popular and 2) you can come up with a product worth buying.

If you do already have a business and came up with your business blog but it seems that your blog is more popular than your website then you can open up a “store branch” on your blog and sell the best or latest items there. The two sites (your business site and your business blog) need not always have two entirely separate functions but hand in hand could really help boost your sales.

Quick Update on Filling Up the Donation Jar

BurgerletA great example of a blog that does rake in money through donation is I Can Has Cheezburger(ICHC). If you haven’t heard of it then go visit to see why. Starting from April, if I counted all those frylets and nuggetlets right (and I doubt I did), ICHC should have made at least $1900 in donations. Not bad considering they also have lots of sponsors. See? If you really do have a fun blog people will shell out money to help make sure your creative juices keep on flowing!

Here’s the link to their donation page.

Donations & Pixlet Support from Our Awsum Lolfrenz

Oh. And of course they’re also a perfect example for this day’s post on merchandising. As you can see above they sell shirts that show people love for ICHC. The ICHC store sell shirts and collectible buttons.

Hmmm. I wonder if I can get a frylet for this post? Nah. It’s $5 and not link love that will get you a frylet!

Originally posted on October 5, 2007 @ 6:52 pm

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