Every blogsite is often a single-faced venture—it can either be for business or as a business. It’s rare that you’ll come across a website that is working for both, just like TimothySykes.com. This website serves as Tim Sykes’ online store, where he sells products, and blogsite, where he shares and promotes his expertise.

Timothy Sykes is an American business person, investor, hedge fund manager, and speculator, who became more famous when he was featured as The Start-Up of the reality TV documentary, “Wall Street Warriors.” He has been featured also on CNN, CNBC, Fox News, and by many other big media companies.But before that, this man has already achieved something phenomenal. In his early 20s, he multiplied his $12,415 gift money investment to $1.65 million in just two years.

Besides that, Tim is also famous for exposing the skeletons of penny stocks short selling and profiting from these. He founded a hedge fund company that ranked number one for four years straight. Unfortunately, it closed after losing a large investment. But Sykes immediately bounced back when Convestor ranked him the number one trader out of more than 50,000.With all these achievements, there’s no surprise why Tim is named as one of the Top 30 Under 30 of the “Trader Monthly.”
Today, all of what he learned from business is making money for him through his real-time trade alerts, DVDs, and books. Go and check his website.

TimothySykes.com is focused on trading and business. It’s the perfect example of how to monetize twice from your website through blogging for your business and use this at the same time as your business.

Originally posted on May 30, 2011 @ 4:48 pm

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