The character most people portray in anything that they do, more or less becomes their brand as far as identification and knowledge is concerned. There is no question that most people can either provide a heroic or villain type of a personality, depending on how people look at it. In most cases, this sticks to the mind of people, similar to that of brand recall, something that immediately comes into mind when their names are mentioned or when they are seen.

People could not care less. It is a way of being able to express them in the manner they want. This is something that should not be taken away from them in any case. There is freedom for anyone, despite boundaries that have set by some parties. Altogether, this should not serve as a hindrance for a person to be who he or she really is. In the work place, this is also practiced and this is something that has to be done in most cases, if only to gain the proper protocols and management styles to keep a working environment on its feet and adept with the various trends and upkeep that an organization would want to maintain.

Productivity is essential, and sometimes, whether we like it or not, people who choose to follow a sadistic or dictatorial type of a leadership style is an effective way of motivating people in a way such that they want to prove the person wrong or for the more ambitious people, proves a point that they are better than their superiors.

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