Learning is a very vague term and has different meanings and ways of obtaining. The first in mind is that a book or references reading materials are the best ways of gathering thoughts and ideas. For some, actual experiences and everyday transactions are also a good way of learning. Methods of learning are varied, and in the same way, this depends on how effective they are for people, largely depending on how they gain the right interest for such.

The same holds true for business. A business can only succeed if the people behind the entire organization are properly oriented and competent enough to fulfill their roles. It is not entirely profit that should be focused on, rather, also the drive towards a well-oiled machine that mixes labor, functions and utilization of assets in the best way that they can. No matter how well-decorated, educated and talented a person may be, failure to be able to fit into the said system that a company is implementing will create more of a liability than an asset for the company’s sake.

Businesses should not be treated any different from any other practice we normally do. There are similarities in a way with the actual lives of people, and the success will evidently be dependent on how management will be able to devise a way in which manpower or labor, utilization of assets, and proper handling of revenue and expenses in relation to operations will be mixed for the organization.

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Originally posted on May 25, 2006 @ 9:53 pm


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