With reference to “Loving What You Do� post by Ms. Katelyn, I totally agree on this. Having been into different kinds of work endeavors, it is true that most people don’t have much of a choice nowadays when it comes to landing ideal jobs. With hard times up ahead, people find themselves in jobs that are usually not what they had initially hoped for. The result of such prevents them from excelling and doing what they like best.

The point is, in any given situation, people excel, improve and advance to other levels because of the interest they have in it. Surely, why some people would be open to learning their way to being able to fit into jobs, time shall surely be needed for consideration of the matter. A natural fit, and gaining knowledge and the drive to excel and be ambitious in attaining certain levels especially for their career growth and path will truly be a lot easier if the interest and sights are interrelated.

But the conflict will still arise, and this is the matter of going by your principles or by being practical for survival purposes.

Originally posted on April 11, 2006 @ 9:51 pm


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